Scot villa

Rotary year 1963-64, “J. Fred Scott Rotary Villa” was named for our senior citizens housing project in honor of our remaining charter member, J. Fred Scott who was a druggist. The estimated cost for the building was $107,000, and the project was handled by the newly formed “The Cranbrook Rotary Project Society”

May 21, 1967, the 12-unit J. Fred Scott Rotary Villa was officially opened with the presence of J. Fred Scott and club president Mike Harris, who is currently our honorary member.

This project is still managed by the Rotary Club of Cranbrook, on behalf of the Cranbrook Rotary Project Society. With one more year on the 40 year mortgage, this truly is a legacy of the Rotary Club of Cranbrook. Helping to support seniors in need of a roof over their head.